What are canvas prints Malaysia?

canvas prints Malaysia

Getting to know about canvas prints Malaysia

Have you ever been to someone’s house and realized that their living room is so warm, cozy and lively that you can stay there all day? Part of the reasons is because they put up pictures of their family on the wall, but something is different with their pictures. It was printed on a piece of cloth instead of traditional paper-based photographs. This is what we call canvas prints Malaysia and they really give your home decorations a very unique vibe.

Put it simply, canvas prints Malaysia are images or photographs that are printed on a piece of canvas instead of paper. The canvas was wrapped around stretcher bars and secure to a frame after it was printed. The canvas itself is made up of strong and durable fabric with hemp. Modern canvas replaces hemp with cotton, linen or polyester. The beauty of canvas printing is that these types of printing give your living space a gallery look. On canvas prints Malaysia, the color seeps into the fabric but remains on the surface of the synthetic polyester stand, giving it a more vivid and long-lasting look.

canvas prints Malaysia

Perks of canvas prints Malaysia

Firstly, canvas prints Malaysia are more durable compared to paper prints as it is made of stretchable fabric that can withstand wear and tear better than paper. Plus, it is more enduring than paper because of the durable plain weaving. Moreover, paper prints usually have a sleek and shiny surface, causing it to have an unwanted glare or reflection especially when sunlight is shone on it. This can sometimes distort the visual quality of the prints. Canvas prints Malaysia on the other hand, has a unique textured finish, giving out a “painted” effect that is non-reflective. This is ideal for artists to reproduce artwork. Besides, framing a paper print can be expensive especially while working on large print sizes, canvas provides another more affordable option.

Flexible and ease of use

Unlike paper prints which tend to become very heavy especially on extra-large prints where the paper must be made thicker to be more durable, canvas prints Malaysia is more weight due to the lightweight cloth fibers. You can have a large piece of canvas but its weight is so light that you can literally take it anywhere with ease. Other than that, canvas prints Malaysia proves to be a more versatile approach when decorating a wall. You can mix-match them without much thought since the frame less borders can adapt to any style. The vibrant and punchy colors of canvas prints Malaysia create new styles and focal points, livening up your living space. Read more articles, click here.