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Poster Printing Malaysia

Poster printing Malaysia – Top notch quality poster material

Poster printing Malaysia provide a vast variety of poster materials that are suitable to be used at indoors or outdoors. In order to cut cost on the poster printing, many customers will put up cheap posters at outdoors which its shape is distorted easily, prone to tear or breaking only after weeks of usage. Poster printing Malaysia provide high-quality poster materials like Coroplast (corrugated plastic), vinyl and Sintra board (rigid PVC). These materials are more durable as they are more resistant to water, wear & tear and crease.

Say you started a business recently and need a cost-saving but effective way to promote your product or service, which method would you use? Here in poster printing Malaysia, customers are provided with the most essential tool to promote their business in an attractive, compelling and intriguing way.Poster Printing Malaysia

Long-lasting vibrant colored printings by poster printing Malaysia

Have you ever noticed that some colors on the poster fade only in weeks after they have been set up? They look dull and hideous, right? This is because most cheap posters do not have UV protection and the UV rays from the sun are notorious for causing fades or discoloration. Poster printing Malaysia uses printing inks during the printing process, capable of producing vibrant, punchy colors that will turn heads when the poster is being set up. In addition, UV safe inks are also used during the printing of the posters, ensuring colors of great endurance against the harsh sunlight.

Impressive versatility

The posters supplied by poster printing Malaysia comes in various sizes, ranging from small sizes (12″ x 18″) to big banner ones (100″ x 58″), catering for various applications such as occasion cards, stationary, photo prints, photo magnets, packaging for your party or small business and home decoration. You can choose from this myriad of sizes based on your need. It also comes with varies accessories like grommets which you can hang it and banner stand where you can set it up at conventions or fair. Whether you are planning for a friend’s birthday party, business needs, decorating your home or preparing for your kid’s back to school attestations, Poster printer Malaysia got you covered! View more images. Click here.