Great savings with Canvas Printing Malaysia Murah

Canvas Printing Malaysia Murah

Canvas Printing Malaysia Murah – Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it is good

Who would not want cheap prices? While there are so many printing services in the market, most of them do not come cheap. This is especially true for those printing services with big names. While their printing quality may be superior, the price tag mostly does not justify it. Canvas printing Malaysia murah is here to change it. We strive to strike a balance between affordability and quality.

Many canvas prints service charge their customers with a hefty premium on top of their cost while using materials of mediocre quality in order to ensure profitability. Usually, this causes the final price to become exorbitant. However, that is not the case here with canvas printing Malaysia murah. We meticulously select canvas of premium quality where we test it in terms of durability, stretchability and surface texture. All these aspects add up to the overall quality of the canvas itself. Besides the canvas, the frame where the canvas is stretched and attached to is also given emphasis here at canvas printing Malaysia murah. We select frames made up premium wood up to medium-sized canvas. For large canvas, we reinforce it with metal frames to add a degree of sturdiness while maintaining a light-weight polished edge. It is easy to install while keeping the cost low. Our margin is only slightly above the cost of our materials.

Attention to details

We canvas printing Malaysia murah is no slouch in creating the perfect canvas while keeping the cost affordable. Unlike most canvas suppliers which outsource the canvas from another party, our canvas was fabricated in-house. Firstly, this cuts down the cost significantly. Secondly, it provides better quality control as we put our canvas assembling team through stringent training in order to assemble canvas of perfect craftsmanship. Another strength that canvas printing Malaysia murah puts on the table is that different coatings are applied to each of the canvas prior to and after the printing process. Before the canvas is printed, its surface must be treated with an ink-receptive coating. After the printing process, another layer of coating is applied to the canvas. Among our unique coatings include matte coating, satin coating, and glossy coating. Each coating gives the end product a vastly different look. Most importantly, all these processes are done in our manufacturing plant. View more images.

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