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Figuring out the décor and design of your favorite space is more than just paint swatches. Décor items, furniture, types of materials and other elements are all incorporating into the overall design factor of your space. Everything should look harmonious but also portray one’s personal taste at the same time.

Nothing makes a better wallpaper than a space picture. Galaxy wallpaper allows you to enjoy the beauty and wonder of night sky all day long. In the aspect of fitting with your décor theme, galaxy wallpaper grants your wish to gaze at calming views of distant constellations and experiencing a rush of shuttle launch up. Galaxy wallpaper is so efficient in transforming bare walls into breathtaking views of space, stars, and planets. Creating a focal point for any space is quick and easy. By selecting your desired image and size, a suitable galaxy wallpaper will be customized in your way.

Looking Up, Wallpaper On The Ceiling!

When the ceiling is too low, ceiling wallpaper turns out to be the best solution. Ceiling wallpaper is perfect to be used as it can create a sense of depth. Besides, it can also give the illusion of height and transform the look, style, and feel of a space. In choosing the best ceiling wallpaper, the color combo should be taken into consideration of. Ceiling wallpaper should include colors that complement with the palette of the room in order to highlight a harmonious and comfy look.

One of the most common ceiling wallpaper is the one that specially designed to imitate flowers, chintz, linen or any regular geometric pattern. Observe the photo below, the dynamic look draws the attention of the viewer to the ceiling, while the colors and furnishing in the rest of the room radiates a relaxing yet calming vibes. In a minimalist room like this, galaxy wallpaper adds visual interest to space.

Ceiling Wallaper

With Galaxy Wallpaper, as Ceiling Wallpaper Becomes a Custom Mood Setter

Custom wallpaper design on the ceiling of a space is keeping with the mood or feel in the space. Since wallpaper is removable and changeable, you can always switch up your ceiling esthetic whenever you like. The light and airy ceiling wallpaper create a sense of spaciousness and movement in the room. This effect doesn’t only work for an existing space, it can also be installed at space without windows.

Wallpapering is undergoing a revival. The ceiling is often something that we overlook when it comes to decorating. However, ceiling wallpaper looks to be gaining popularity again especially with the usage of galaxy wallpaper in Malaysia. Find more wallpaper shop.