Frosted Glass Windows

Recent years, sustainability has been a big focus all over the world. We love our mother earth and our work is always focusing on decreasing carbon footprint through eco-friendly designs. Everyone can make a positive impact in simple ways. For instance, applying a frosted glass window in Malaysia that look stylish and save money and energy.

The glass film on frosted glass window keeps heat out during the daytime. When the sun is striking hot in the sky, staying indoor near to window can become uncomfortably hot. The glass film insulates the heat of outdoor from transferring through the glass to indoor. This is so beneficial as it saves you on air-conditioning cost.

Frosted Glass Windows in Malaysia as the Hottest Interior Trend

Glass film decals can be customized to ensure that it fits your interior design and personal taste. We offer a variety of frosted glass options that you can choose for and we are open to co-create together with you. As a beautiful yet functional addition, frosted glass windows in Malaysia add a touch of elegance and style to your space.

Frosted Glass WindowsWithout any doubt, frosted glass windows in Malaysia improve the entire living space. It can last for years and it is perfectly versatile.

Nothing Dresses a Room Better Than Natural Light

Natural light is definitely an important consideration in your interior design plans. Since a few years ago, the trends are going to see big windows, sliding doors or glass walls dominating. Frosted glass windows in Malaysia are definitely one of the popular choices. All of these designs are meant to let as much natural light as possible into space.

Frosted glass windows in Malaysia counter the problem of privacy, glare and UV ray from sunlight. The frosted glass look is a super contemporary way to retain natural light while tackling the above concerns at the same time. Frosted glass windows in Malaysia give your space a good style yet not compromising your safety and privacy. Installing frosted decals on your windows can protect your home contents to potential burglars. Find more shop for frosted glass window Click here.