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laminate flooring Penang

Laminate Flooring Penang is the Ultimate Copycat of Real Wood

People usually say that laminate flooring Penang is the ultimate copycat. This is because the laminate floor looks like real wood. However, it is actually a product of high-resolution photograph on top of high-density fiberboard (HDF). Producing from recycled pine trees or some industrial wood waste, laminate flooring Penang is highly environmentally friendly.

Nevertheless, the layer of laminate flooring Penang is highly protected from scratching, fading, sun damage, staining, denting or even abrasion to a certain extent. It has a mega strong layer of clear plastic resin. It is sealed against the ingress of water and relatively durable.  This is how it gets its name – Laminate flooring Penang, a thick laminated film that can support human to walk on it.

The Classiest of All Budget Floor Coverings

There are many reasons why laminate flooring Penang is super popular. First of all, it is real wood realism at an affordable price. It has a good impact on indentation, stain, scratch and water resistance. If it is being maintained well, laminate flooring Penang can last for years with 10 to 30 years warranties. It can be installed to almost all types of sub-floors, quickly and easily with no fuss. If you wish to change to the new design, it could be uninstalled without stains left from glues or nails.

laminate flooring Penang

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