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One-stop printing with printing services Malaysia

Profound service and consultations with printing services Malaysia

Do you have printing requirements but don’t know which printing services shop to choose? Printing services Malaysia is the perfect option for you. Being in the printing industry for more than 10 years, our emphasis lies on professional consultation, with customer satisfaction being the highest priority. Whether you are a businessman looking for a way to market your business or a student who needs to get your assignment or thesis printed and bond, you can’t go wrong on choosing printing services Malaysia. We offer a myriad of printing services include brochures, catalogs, training materials, scripts, flyers, invitation cards, posters, business cards and many more. We also provide printing and binding services for bachelor, master and Ph.D. thesis.

Printing services Malaysia provides excellent customer service where we recommend the most suitable solutions for your requirements. Whether it is the printing method, printing materials like paper, acrylic and canvas, or the size and measurements of your prints, we will be there to guide you through each and every step. With our rich experience in this industry, we aim to provide you a personalized and one-of-a-kind printing which creates a great impact on your target audience. Best of all, printing services Malaysia provides direct delivery service to certain locations in the area near to our branches. Hence, there is no need for you to spend the time to come to our branch to collect the printings as it will be sent directly to your doorstep.

Get versatile with printing service Malaysia

With more than 20 printers that come in various sizes and types in our branches, printing services Malaysia provide fast and efficient production of printings and is able to handle bulk printing needs, perfect for those who need their flyers, wedding invitations and brochures printed in a short period of time. Besides that, for those who have specific requirements of their printings like large or small poster printings on either paper or canvas, we have different printers for that. For canvas printings, our printers are capable of producing sizes from 5” x 5” all the way to 72” x 36”.  View more mural wallpaper. Click here

printing services Malaysia

wall sticker printing KL

Wall Sticker Printing: Lifesaver for dull interiors

What makes wall sticker printing KL attractive?

Do you always feel like the walls in your home or office have the potential of being extraordinary? However, after doing your research, you realize there are many options available to change up your walls, but, with the little time you have in your hands after juggling your everyday chores, you want something that is easy and time-saving.

This is where wall sticker printing KL comes to the rescue! With minimal cost and easy installation, you are able to transform the walls into anything you have in mind. Wall sticker printing KL has long been the one of the most sought after choices when it comes to upgrading home decor.



With advanced technology, wall sticker printing KL can now last for an average of 3 years, taking into account the surrounding conditions such as humidity and temperature. This being said, you will get a whole worth of your money spent. Wall sticker printing KL is also made to be high quality with strong adhesives. Therefore, the stickers can easily be attached to any walls.

In addition to that, wall stickers are odourless. Thus, you will be able to transform your space without having to go through the strong paint smell.

Are wall stickers removable?

Yes. Wall stickers are removable. Better still, the stickers will not leave any residues behind when they are removed. Trends and seasons come and go. In this case, wall sticker printing KL would be the most efficient way to display your messages or designs without having to worry the after effect of removing the stickers.

You can never take too much care of your walls and home decor. A beautiful space leads to a happier life. Contact a wall sticker printing store in KL today to order your stickers! View more images mural.

custom wall sticker kl

Are custom wall sticker KL the right option for your home?

Custom wall sticker – Size is your least concern

Over the recent years, custom wall sticker KL have been increasing in popularity. Not just because they are easy to use, but the stickers are affordable and long lasting as well. So, what are wall stickers? Wall stickers are stickers that are used to decorate walls to improve the aesthetic of a space. Wall stickers can also be used to express one’s self.



For those who wish to beautify their walls, but they don’t want it to be permanent, custom wall sticker KL are a great option! The stickers are easy to remove so anyone could alter the position of the stickers without spoiling the paint on the wall. If you are worried about adhesive residues, worry not because the stickers will not leave any residue.

Besides that, custom wall sticker KL are easy to acquire. Due to high demands, there are many emerging stores selling wall stickers. Just search it up on the Internet and you’ll get tons of results.

Custom wall sticker KL come in various sizes. Sellers can usually accommodate size request of up to the entire wall of houses and offices. In addition to that, you can even cut the stickers into a wide range of shapes.

The wonders of custom wall sticker KL are remarkable. You can make any personal artwork, illustrations or photos into amazing stickers to be put up on your walls. The only limiting factor of wall stickers is your imagination. Time to put your wild imaginations to good use!

Want to make your designs into a reality without having to spend excessive amount of money? Custom wall sticker KL are your go-to. The stickers are budget-friendly and on top of that, the quality will not be compromised, even at low costs. View more  images.

Customized wallpaper printing KL

Say goodbye to boring and plain walls!

Why choose customized wallpaper printing KL?

Have you ever wanted to enhance the ordinary walls in your home or office but you don’t have the resources to do so? With the much-improved printing technology these days, customized wallpaper printing KL, Penang, Johor are easily accessible and adapted to cater to all needs and preferences. Stores that offer customized wallpaper printing KL, Penang, Johor are often equipped with competent designers who have years of experience working in the industry. Therefore, customers can have an ease of mind handing over their precious walls in exchange of a more aesthetic and comfortable looking home.



Customized wallpaper printing KL, Penang, Johor can transform the mundane walls you see everyday to something magical. Be it designs of landscapes, cartoons, nature, bricks or wood prints, you can design your wallpapers any way you want them to! Better still, the customized wallpapers are so high quality that they will bring life to your personal space.

Delivering modern wallpapers at affordable price

Customized wallpaper printing KL, Johor, Penang is priced according to the design and the type of wallpapers you have in mind. If the price quoted is over your budget, fret not, affordable alternatives are always available to suit your budget. Stores also offer consultations for those who need more information before placing your order. Apart from that, feel free to ask for samples prior to printing. This is to ensure customer satisfaction when the final product is delivered.

To put your worry to rest, customized wallpaper printing KL, Johor, Penang is durable and the colours on the wallpaper are long-lasting. No more being afraid of the weather fluctuations in KL because the wallpapers are made to be waterproof and are able to withstand high temperature.

In a nutshell, customized wallpaper printing KL, Penang, Johor will be your home’s new best friend. The wallpapers guarantee a value of money with top-notch quality. Surprise yourself now. View more mural wallpaper.

Sticker Printing Penang, Malaysia

The Outstanding Sticker Printing in Penang Malaysia

Sticker Printing Penang, Malaysia: Custom Wall Art at Its Best

Here you meet the specialist in wall art especially in sticker printing Penang, Malaysia. We customize all kind of wall arts including wall stickers and wallpapers that are commonly being seen. The best custom sticker printing Penang, Malaysia is promised with our extensive experiences in decorating spaces.

Wall sticker and wallpapers are the happiest when they are on the move! Featuring the latest technology of self-adhesive, they are able to stick or re-stick from time to time without leaving any unwanted stains behind. Sticker printing Penang, Malaysia thrives best on smooth surfaces including walls, furniture, gadget skins and so on.

Let the Wall Arts Brighten Up Your Spaces Easily

We hold on the principle of creating unique wall arts that could not be found anywhere else in the world for each and every one of our customers. Choose us and you will get fully custom sticker printing Penang, Malaysia with high definition of printing for awesome quality. We adjust and quote your orders on sticker printing Penang, Malaysia at the reasonable price that will suit your budget.

It does not matter if it is for indoor purposes such as décor sticker, repositionable decals, removable product sticker or outdoor purposes including logo printing, exhibition graphics, pop-up retailer branding graphics or stores promotional sticker printing Penang, Malaysia. We make any custom wall art order at any size, color, drawings, diagram or wordings on the web.

Sticker Printing Penang, Malaysia

It All Starts with Choosing the Desired Designs

Are you confusing on what you really want for your space over a long period of time? This is totally fine. Contact us now and we will walk you through your considerations, budget, concerns, and ideas to give you custom sticker printing Penang, Malaysia quote.

You do not have to mess up the beautifully printed wall art when sticking it onto the desired wall. We do provide installation services upon requests to help you. If you do not need installation, you can do it by yourself by following simple tutorial videos on our official webpage. View more images about wallpaper.

Wallpaper Penang, Malaysia

The Ultimate Wallpaper Malaysia

Wallpaper Penang, Malaysia as A Fantastic Way to Add Personal Touch to Your Space

What is the quickest and easiest way to add style to your desired space instantly? The answer definitely goes to wallpaper Penang, Malaysia. Modern wallpapering technology makes one decorate space in shorter time effortlessly. Whether you need warm color tone for the living room, classic geometry pattern for a hallway or comfy nature background for the bedroom, we offer an exciting range of wallpaper Penang, Malaysia for you to choose.

There is a vast color palette spanning subtle beige to dramatic black, you can definitely find your desired wallpaper Malaysia to match with your theme for your space. You can browse our official website via types of wallpaper in Malaysia to make your space truly yours with significant personal style.

Do Not Worry About Being Extra  

Have you ever thought of how wallpaper Penang, Malaysia being extra? Wallpaper Penang, Malaysia has reached a totally new level with additional wow factors featuring sparkling glitters, wood effects, shimmering metallic effects, textured effects and so on. This luxury range of wallpaper Penang, Malaysia is a whole new alternative to the plain wall that our professional designer team proud of and highly recommend.

Besides looking great, wallpaper Penang, Malaysia is great for spaces that need the water-resistant such as wet kitchen and bathroom. It is so awesome to be extra in being waterproof at this point in time!

Wallpaper Penang, Malaysia

Installing Fashion Essentials into Your Space

We have got everything from fun, cheeky, classic, comforting, modern, dramatic designs to the highest quality wallpaper to fulfill your desire with limitless possibilities! You may also bring along or send us any desired photos of yours as we can digitalize the image for you at the highest possible resolution.

Consult our customer care with some decorating tips and latest wallpaper trend before you make up your mind. Get in touch with us today to find more great deals of affordable wallpapers today!

Mural Customized Printing in Malaysia

Home-Décor On-Trend: Mural-Style Wallpapers

Wallpaper Murals Are a Flavorful Start

As time goes by, you can now take your wall decor to a new height with wall murals. Mural customized printing in Malaysia works as the ongoing new trend that digitalizes murals to become wallpapers. Designers make the most of out of the modern printing technology in transforming home interiors into a fantastic art piece! You can do something dramatic with the big and blank wall with mural customized printing in Malaysia now!

Your dream to create custom wall murals from your own source of photography can be realized now. It is definitely meant to bring out your idea to become a real piece that gives limitless positivity to your space. Mural customized printing in Malaysia create distinctive wallpapers that suits your personal taste.

An Emerging Remarkable Design Trend

With no sign of slowing down, mural wallpaper remains one of the most popular types in home décor. Creating mural wallpapers always seem like a farfetched and pricey idea to some people. In fact, murals wallpaper offers a much more practical alternative to them. With minimal effort, mural customized printing in Malaysia produces mural wallpapers that add elegance effect to your space.

Each of the custom-sized, custom-designed wallpapers are either captured or digitalized in its highest possible resolution which turns into murals for your walls. This is the power of mural customized printing in Malaysia in fulfilling your expectations for maximum satisfaction.

Wall Murals Are Constantly Getting New Dimensions

Wall murals are definitely a great idea. Mural customized printing in Malaysia creates one and only wallpaper that couldn’t be found anywhere else exclusively for you! In addition, you should always make sure that it is being installed in the correct place to works effectively. It is not recommended to be applied to textured walls, bricks or any uneven surfaces that wouldn’t yield a good visual effect.

Thinking about getting mural customized printing in Malaysia to enhance your space? You will gush about it all day long, and you will own a distinctive space that is so uncommon yet significant! Read more articles.

Wallpaper Design in Malaysia

Wallpaper Is About Decorating And Lifestyle

Home Improvements Are in The Air!

Wallpaper design in Malaysia comes in a dazzling array of patterns with an incredible selection of different finishes, styles, feelings, and effects. It can be said that wallpaper design in Malaysia has nearly limitless designs. New wallpapers usually use peel and stick concept that is easy to remove or install. It can last up to 15 years and beyond. Hence, wallpaper is known as a cost-effective method to protect and decorate walls at the same time.

Whether it is the entire space or a single accent wall, wallpaper design in Malaysia is able to bring spectacular digital prints and surprising ideas to your space.

Freshen Up Any Space According to Your Will

Whether you are looking for something that will surge your adrenaline level or motivates you, the wallpapers can do the job. The right wallpaper can always create an environment of positivity to inspire you and radiate good vibes to people in the space. Wallpaper design in Malaysia is there to transform the look of your space to give you an awe-inspiring impact.

Wallpaper design in Malaysia has a variety of energizing and enchanting options to ensure that you can find the perfect one for your lifestyle. The collection of our wallpapers features s spectrum of colors, nature photography, spectacular scenery, art murals and so on that could turn your space with marvelous aesthetics. You can rest assured that our collection of wallpaper design in Malaysia will definitely do wonders for your mindset!

Wallpaper That Fixes Walls

Wallpaper design in Malaysia is not the only decisive factor when you decide to get a wallpaper. Wallpapers are made to protect the wall as a wall covering. As there are many different materials, properties and application process for wallpapers, you have to choose the correct one to prevent disappointment. Contact us today for professional advice and quotation. Whatever lifestyle or patterns that you need, you are sure to find your desired one with us. Find more wallpaper shop, click here

Wallpapers in Malaysia

Meeting The Millennial Wallpapers Needs!

Fantastic Image Quality Is Assured

Wallpapers in Malaysia has been making a phenomenal comeback in this paucity of years. This situation is the positive results of advanced digital printing technology. In the intervening period of time, digital printing technology is becoming more and more accessible to everyone with all kinds of requirements. Understanding what the millennials need is essential in ensuring highest satisfaction from them. Personal taste and the judgment of beauty are always different. However, fantastic image quality is definitely the fixed variable for wallpapers in Malaysia. The power of wallpaper is how it is rather easy to apply and improve a space at a low cost.

Digital Wallpaper Printing Is Trending

Wallpapers in Malaysia uses inkjet printing that directs small droplets of ink from a nozzle onto a printing substrate. Different from traditional printing, digital printing produces vibrant high-quality outcomes of more options. It is popular across the marketplace because it is highly efficient even if the quantity is low. It works in a way that is similar to a desktop printer. This technology uses dots of ink to recreate an image from the digital file for wallpapers in Malaysia.

Interior designs rely so much on the wallpaper to add color, texture, and pattern to spaces. Development in digital printing has opened up possibilities to bring empty walls to breathtaking designs! Digital enables us to print new and trendy wallpapers in Malaysia.

Sustainable Wallpaper Printing

When wallpapers in Malaysia become more innovative, the notoriously toxic production methods also arise as a problem. With improved awareness among people on protecting our one and only mother earth, natural wall coverings made of renewable materials are invented.

Commonly, sustainable wallpapers contain no PVCs (Polymerizing Vinyl Chloride) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or low in such contents. Digital printing technology has an additional point of using dry toner for wallpapers in Malaysia. PVC-coated products that have been linked to a myriad of health problems are avoided. This is eco-friendly and creates a less harmful effect to the environment with zero or fewer chemicals. Read more articles.