Mural Customized Printing in Malaysia

Home-Décor On-Trend: Mural-Style Wallpapers

Wallpaper Murals Are a Flavorful Start

As time goes by, you can now take your wall décor to a new height with wall murals. Mural customized printing in Malaysia works as the ongoing new trend that digitalizes murals to become wallpapers. Designers make the most of out of the modern printing technology in transforming home interiors into a fantastic art piece! You can do something dramatic with the big and blank wall with mural customized printing in Malaysia now!

Your dream to create custom wall murals from your own source of photography can be realized now. It is definitely meant to bring out your idea to become a real piece that gives limitless positivity to your space. Mural customized printing in Malaysia create distinctive wallpapers that suits your personal taste.

An Emerging Remarkable Design Trend

With no sign of slowing down, mural wallpaper remains one of the most popular types in home décor. Creating mural wallpapers always seem like a farfetched and pricey idea to some people. In fact, murals wallpaper offers a much more practical alternative to them. With minimal effort, mural customized printing in Malaysia produces mural wallpapers that add elegance effect to your space.

Each of the custom-sized, custom-designed wallpapers are either captured or digitalized in its highest possible resolution which turns into murals for your walls. This is the power of mural customized printing in Malaysia in fulfilling your expectations for maximum satisfaction.

Mural Customized Printing in Malaysia

Wall Murals Are Constantly Getting New Dimensions

Wall murals are definitely a great idea. Mural customized printing in Malaysia creates one and only wallpaper that couldn’t be found anywhere else exclusively for you! In addition, you should always make sure that it is being installed in the correct place to works effectively. It is not recommended to be applied to textured walls, bricks or any uneven surfaces that wouldn’t yield a good visual effect.

Thinking about getting mural customized printing in Malaysia to enhance your space? You will gush about it all day long, and you will own a distinctive space that is so uncommon yet significant! Read more articles.

Wallpaper Design in Malaysia

Wallpaper Is About Decorating And Lifestyle

Home Improvements Are in The Air!

Wallpaper design in Malaysia comes in a dazzling array of patterns with an incredible selection of different finishes, styles, feelings, and effects. It can be said that wallpaper design in Malaysia has nearly limitless designs. New wallpapers usually use peel and stick concept that is easy to remove or install. It can last up to 15 years and beyond. Hence, wallpaper is known as a cost-effective method to protect and decorate walls at the same time.

Whether it is the entire space or a single accent wall, wallpaper design in Malaysia is able to bring spectacular digital prints and surprising ideas to your space.

Freshen Up Any Space According to Your Will

Whether you are looking for something that will surge your adrenaline level or motivates you, the wallpapers can do the job. The right wallpaper can always create an environment of positivity to inspire you and radiate good vibes to people in the space. Wallpaper design in Malaysia is there to transform the look of your space to give you an awe-inspiring impact.

Wallpaper design in Malaysia has a variety of energizing and enchanting options to ensure that you can find the perfect one for your lifestyle. The collection of our wallpapers features s spectrum of colors, nature photography, spectacular scenery, art murals and so on that could turn your space with marvelous aesthetics. You can rest assured that our collection of wallpaper design in Malaysia will definitely do wonders for your mindset!

Wallpaper Design in Malaysia

Wallpaper That Fixes Walls

Wallpaper design in Malaysia is not the only decisive factor when you decide to get a wallpaper. Wallpapers are made to protect the wall as a wall covering. As there are many different materials, properties and application process for wallpapers, you have to choose the correct one to prevent disappointment. Contact us today for professional advice and quotation. Whatever lifestyle or patterns that you need, you are sure to find your desired one with us. Find more wallpaper shop, click here

Wallpapers in Malaysia

Meeting The Millennial Wallpapers Needs!


Fantastic Image Quality Is Assured

Wallpapers in Malaysia has been making a phenomenal comeback in this paucity of years. This situation is the positive results of advanced digital printing technology. In the intervening period of time, digital printing technology is becoming more and more accessible to everyone with all kinds of requirements. Understanding what the millennials need is essential in ensuring highest satisfaction from them. Personal taste and the judgment of beauty are always different. However, fantastic image quality is definitely the fixed variable for wallpapers in Malaysia. The power of wallpaper is how it is rather easy to apply and improve a space at a low cost.

Digital Wallpaper Printing Is Trending

Wallpapers in Malaysia uses inkjet printing that directs small droplets of ink from a nozzle onto a printing substrate. Different from traditional printing, digital printing produces vibrant high-quality outcomes of more options. It is popular across the marketplace because it is highly efficient even if the quantity is low. It works in a way that is similar to a desktop printer. This technology uses dots of ink to recreate an image from the digital file for wallpapers in Malaysia.

Interior designs rely so much on the wallpaper to add color, texture, and pattern to spaces. Development in digital printing has opened up possibilities to bring empty walls to breathtaking designs! Digital enables us to print new and trendy wallpapers in Malaysia.

 Wallpapers in Malaysia

Sustainable Wallpaper Printing

When wallpapers in Malaysia become more innovative, the notoriously toxic production methods also arise as a problem. With improved awareness among people on protecting our one and only mother earth, natural wall coverings made of renewable materials are invented.

Commonly, sustainable wallpapers contain no PVCs (Polymerizing Vinyl Chloride) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or low in such contents. Digital printing technology has an additional point of using dry toner for wallpapers in Malaysia. PVC-coated products that have been linked to a myriad of health problems are avoided. This is eco-friendly and creates a less harmful effect to the environment with zero or fewer chemicals. Read more articles.

flower wallpaper

Gracie Wallpaper for Girls – Love ad Flower Wallpaper

Gracie Wallpaper for Girls – Love ad Flower Wallpaper

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered why it looks so magnificently gorgeous and lovely? No matter how much you’d try to mimic their interior designing, you still couldn’t get your room to look sweet like theirs? This is because you’ve never noticed the key to design in their house – the wallpaper. A room covered in fun pattern and motifs make people feel like it has own major character. Any room in your home, regardless of how drab, can boast the same kind of personality if you refresh with some wallpaper. Especially for girls, wallpaper always plays the magic in transforming their ordinary room into a lovely one. Here we have a sample of wallpaper for girls.

wallpaper for girls

wallpaper for girl

Love Wallpaper, The Wallpaper of Romance

A bedroom full of romance and relaxation, and part of that welcoming, subdued ethos has to do with the pretty wallpaper that features love. The monochromatic scheme of the love wallpaper makes this room extra stylish with the slight change in texture and pattern. The harmonious love wallpaper will definitely make your room a place of peace and relaxation. You’re sure to find what you need in our fabulous new designs!

love wallpaper

love wallpaper printing

romantic wallpaper


love wallpaper

The room that Transformed into Garden- Flower Wallpaper

Wallpaper also has a beautiful delicacy and complements the master bedroom with a subtle romance in its floral pattern. If you’re looking for something both soft and contemporary, floral wallpaper is definitely the best choice! The vintage floral design of our wallpaper gives the bedroom an easy and calming effect. Our wallpaper can make a traditional and masculine bedroom pop with both style and grace. You’ll love the mix of rich tones and how this printed paper adds a softness and extra interest to the walls. So what are you waiting for? Take a small tour of our company’s website and select your wallpaper now! Read more

flower wallpaper

Flower wallpaper



Beach Wallpaper

Give Your Home a New Life – Wallpaper to The Rescue !

Everyone wishes to have a beautiful and magnificent home. How about you? Do you wish to beautify your home as well? Are you contemplating on refurnishing your home but don’t know where to start? Fear not as we are here to give a helping hand. We highly suggest you start by refurnishing your wall. The walls of a house play an important role as it takes up the biggest part of the house. Start by picking up some beautiful wallpapers such as the now popular beach wallpaper, vintage wallpaper and also graffiti wallpaper.

Where to start, you ask? Firstly, we recommend looking for beautiful wallpapers to brighten up your wall. By merely changing up the patterns and colors of the wall, it would make a whole lot of differences. Everyone’s ideal and preferences of a “ beautiful home “ are different, therefore, by wisely choosing and utilizing different wallpapers, it would change the whole atmosphere of the house. There is a lot of different type of wallpapers, such as vintage wallpaper, beach wallpaper or even graffiti wallpaper. Don’t believe us? Let us give you a few examples so that you would be fully convinced of the power of wallpapers.

Examples of Different Wallpapers –

This is a room with a plain white wall. Clean and simple, but there are more possibilities than just a plain wall. By adding wallpapers with patterns on it, it would brighten up the mood of the room. The pattern of the wallpapers depends on your personal preferences and tastes, therefore, you could customize your home to fit your idea of a “ dream house“.

Themed Room – Customized Your Own Room
Themed room is very popular these days. People would choose their wallpaper according to the theme of their room, from there, they would pick out their furniture to fit with their wallpaper and room theme. These are a few examples of popularly themed room wallpapers, these are Beach wallpaper, vintage wallpaper, and graffiti wallpaper.

Beach Themed Room ( Beach Wallpaper )

Beach wallpaper would give your room a very refreshing change. Great for all the beach lovers out there. These beach wallpaper will make you and your family feel as if you are on a vacation from the comforts of your own home! Try the beach wallpaper, it is now the most popular wallpaper choice of all. Beach Wallpaper
Beach Wallpaper

Beach Wallpaper

Vintage Themed Room ( Vintage Wallpaper )

Vintage themed rooms are classy and elegant and are loved by many . Especially by the ladies, as vintage wallpaper mostly consists of flower patterns and magnificent motives. If you’re thinking of refurbishing your house and give it a classy and high-end vibe, give the vintage wallpaper a try. These vintage wallpaper would surely transform your home into a beautiful palace of dreams.


Vintage Wallpaper Vintage Wallpaper

Vintage Wallpaper

Street Art Themed Room ( Graffiti Wallpaper )

Graffiti wallpaper has been very popular lately with its pop and funky colors. If you’re into colorful walls with interesting and unique designs, give graffiti wallpaper a try. Though graffiti wallpapers are not adults’ cup of tea, Graffiti wallpapers are especially popular among youngster as it showcases their personality and style. It’s hip and cool and definitely will be a hit among young teenagers.

Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti WallpaperThese three themed wallpapers, the vintage wallpaper, beach wallpaper and graffiti wallpaper are the most popular these days. After you’ve chosen your choice of wallpaper, you could proceed to choose your furniture to suit your wallpaper. It’s that easy. Try refurnishing your home today! View other blog related to this topic. Click here


malaysia wallpaper

Malaysia Wallpaper Design

Looking for an exquisite home wallpaper

Malaysia wallpaper is a well-known and established wallpaper company with good track records and is famous for producing magnificent wallpapers and room decor pieces which are the choice of thousands of people in Malaysia. Looking for an exquisite home wallpaper to brush up your house? Malaysia wallpaper has it for you! Malaysia wallpaper specializes in designing and printing exclusive and delicate wallpaper design that suits different tastes of people with different ideas for their dream home.

malaysia wallpaper


Malaysia wallpaper understands the importance of having harmoniously designed walls in every household, thus, coming up with various beautifully designed wallpaper pieces to match with each and every household. Wallpapers are not the only thing provided by Malaysia wallpaper, they also designed easy to use wallpaper stickers which are very user-friendly. Just position the stickers on the desired part of your wall, peel off the back seat of the wallpaper sticker and stick them on the wall for a beautifully decorated room. Malaysia wallpaper company’s wall stickers are known for their resilient nature and are long-lasting. Their color stays vibrant and would not peel off easily even after years. And to those who are worried about wall stickers leaving residue and marks on their wall if they’ve decided to change their wallpaper design in later years, you rest assured that Malaysia wallpaper’s wall stickers would not stain or damage your wall. As high technological glues are used for the seal, Malaysia wallpaper’s stickers are easy to clean after.

wall stickers

Looking for wall murals? Fear not, Malaysia wallpaper has got you covered. From colorful children designs to eye-pleasing nature designs, the possibilities are endless. They provide intricately designed wall murals that are tailored to fit your dream room, giving your room sophisticated and edgy makeover.

wallpaper design


football wallpaper

Room Looks Boring ? Give Your Wall A Make Over !

Have you ever looked at your room and thought how plain it is? Monotone and dull walls drowning your spirit? Do you wish to have fancy and shabby chic looking rooms like those you see on the internet?

Wait no further as we bring to you a series of breathtaking wallpapers to tone up the boring looking walls in your home! We’re a well-known wallpaper design and printing company with years of experiences with designing and producing finest of the finest of wallpapers.

We had worked with various major companies and also celebrities for the interior design of their office space and rooms in their fabulous mansions. We truly believe our wallpapers are so intricately designed, they are wallpapers for walls that are fit for the finest of people!

Monotone, Plain and Boring Walls – Is this what you face every single day?
Room Wallpaperroom wallpaper

Our company specializes in providing extravagant yet elegantly designed room wallpaper that fits every requirement our customers have for their ideal dream room.

Our room wallpaper consists of myriads of different designs and themes for our fellow customers to choose from. Love football?

Let us provide you football fanatics with the most suitable room wallpaper! Show off how much you love football to everyone by using our football wallpaper! Show your passion by having your favorite ball game plastered on your wall! Calling all parents!

If your children love football, how about surprising your little football stars with their walls in their room decorated In their favorite football wallpaper? It’s guaranteed that it’ll be a hit among your little football-loving children!





Footballer’s Dream Room – Football Wallpaper!

3D football wallpaper malaysia

football wallpaper

football wallpaper print

For those who are going for a more rustic looking design, we have something for you as well. Come and take a look at our realistically looking, shabby chic and Pinterest worthy wallpapers!

Brick Wallpapers

There are numbers for you to choose from, from brick wallpapers to cedar wood design wallpaper. We got you covered!

brick wallpapersOur brick wallpapers are our hot seller item as it is realistic looking and exquisite in its design.

Our suppliers have showroom all across Malaysia such as in Puchong, Penang Island, Melaka, Johor, Klang, Selangor, Seremban, Ipoh and our main showroom would be in Kuala Lumpur. Please do visit!


wallpaper malaysia

Korea to You – Your Fancy Home Solution

Fancy Korea wallpapers are all the rage right now! Korea Wallpaper Malaysia is a branch company based in Korea that provides fellow Malaysian with beautiful and astonishing looking wallpapers that are sure to wow everyone that takes a glimpse of it. By changing the wallpaper in your room, it not only brightens up your wall, it blows a new life into your room. Don’t believe us? Please take a look at all of these wallpaper Korea had produced.

Breath-taking Korea Wallpapers – This could be your room as well!

korea wallpaper

korea wallpaper print

korea wallpaper

Amazed? These wallpaper Korea had produced are intricate works of our qualified and experienced designers hired by Korea Wallpaper Malaysia. Each and every one of our wallpaper designs are well designed and closely inspected to ensure that finest of quality to suit our honorable and respectable customers. They are produced with great care and with the highest quality papers available in the market in order to produce wallpapers which are fit for every circumstance. Korea Wallpaper Malaysia aims to produce wallpapers that are high in quality and are tailored to the tastes of a wide range of customers. From girly flower patterns to simple chic designs, we got you covered.

For The Inner Fancy You – Vintage Flower Patterns

Vintage Flower wallpaper

Vintage Flower wallpaper

Embrace Your Inner Chicness – Modern Cool Designs

korea wallpaper

korea wallpaper

Apart from providing a wide range of readily designed wallpapers, Korea wallpaper Malaysia also provides custom 3D mural wallpaper services. These 3D mural wallpapers are of high definition and would be certain to satisfy you as Korea Wallpaper Malaysia aims to provide customers with their customization with utmost quality. Quality is our main goal and customer satisfaction is our priority.

Vibrant and Eye-Catching 3D Mural Wallpaper Straight From Korea

print 3D wallpaper mural

wall mural malaysia

Moreover, Korea Wallpaper Malaysia also provides customers with wall decor stickers and needless to say, the choices for our customers are endless. We cater designs suitable for children to adults, the choices are endless and therefore, rest assured the only dilemma you’ll have is to choose the designs of the wall decor stickers to suit your room!  Our sticker printing machines are of the latest technology to ensure the wall decor stickers are of the finest and highest quality to keep our customers satisfied and happy.

For inquiry, please stop by our showroom that is available around Malaysia. For the convenience of our customer nationwide, we had prepared various showrooms across Malaysia such as in Puchong, Pinang Island, Melaka, Johor, Selangor, Seremban, Klang, Ipoh and also in Kuala Lumpur.

We’d love to serve you.



wallpaper stickers

Malaysia Wallpaper – Looking for An Exquisite Home Decoration Solution?

You’ve read the title right. Are you looking for an exquisite home decoration solution? Did you know, that your home could be fully transformed just by modifying your wall? You might be very skeptical about this concept but bear in mind that a little change goes a long way.

Just by adding a little more patterns and colors onto your wall, we guarantee you, your house will be full of life and splendors. How can you do it you ask? Try searching for exquisite home wallpapers and some wallpaper stickers, these will spice up your house in no time at all.

The next question will be …. Where can you get these exquisite wallpapers and wallpaper stickers? Well, fear not, let us present to you Malaysia Wallpaper. Malaysia Wallpaper is a prestigious company with an excellent track record and is well-known for their exquisite wallpaper designs which are loved and purchased by citizens all over Malaysia.

Malaysia wallpaper holds their customers dear to their hearts and is very focus on the requirements and feedbacks of their valued customers, they vow to satisfy their customers’ needs and wants for intricately designed and exquisite wallpapers and wallpaper stickers for their comfortable dream home. With so many happy and satisfied customers, are you prepared to embark on your journey to search for YOUR exquisite wallpaper and wallpaper stickers to elevate your wall game?

Elevate Your Wall Game – Malaysia Wallpaper’s Exquisite Wallpapers

malaysia wallpaper

home wallpaper

malaysia wallpaper


Looking for an exquisite home wallpapers designs for your living room? Or even bedrooms, hallways, and even dining space? Malaysia Wallpaper has got all of your wallpaper needs secured and covered! In Malaysia Wallpaper, they understand each and every one of their customers has different taste and preferences for their ideal dream home or dream room. Therefore, the design team in Malaysia Wallpaper had worked hard to come up with a wide range of exquisite wallpapers and fun but elegant wallpaper stickers to cater to the needs of their wide scope of customers.

Malaysia Wallpaper cares about the quality of their line of exquisite wallpapers and wallpaper stickers that they produce . Therefore, only the finest papers sourced from ethical paper factories are used in order to produce Malaysia Wallpaper’s signature exquisite wallpapers and wallpaper stickers. Moreover , Malaysia Wallpaper is proud to announce that their line of exquisite wallpapers and wallpaper stickers are of best quality in the Wallpaper and Décor industry as years of research and development of the devoted Malaysia Wallpaper R&D Department had lead to their success in developing exquisite wallpapers and wallpaper stickers which are resilient, anti-tear, heat and water resistant . The utilization of this high-tech production method had enabled Malaysia Wallpaper to produce vibrant, high quality, resilient yet exquisite wallpapers and wallpaper stickers to suit the customers’ satisfaction.

Looking for An Exquisite Wallpaper Sticker For Your Room – Malaysia Wallpaper Sticker is For You!

wallpaper sticker

wallpaper sticker malaysia

Wallpaper Sticker

Malaysia Wallpaper cares for the convenience of their customers. Therefore , for further inquiries please head to Malaysia Wallpaper’s showroom set all across Malaysia in states such as Puchong , Penang Island , Ipoh , Klang , Melaka , Johor , Selangor , Seremban and also the main office in Kuala Lumpur for a more close inspection and scrutiny of our beautifully designed wallpapers and also wallpaper stickers . Malaysia Wallpaper is so confident that they are able to provide satisfaction to their customers, they guarantee customer satisfaction or 100% money refund guaranteed. You have to see it to believe it. Malaysia Wallpaper, your trusty wallpaper provider. If you want images can visit KS wallpaper store.


Rose Mural wallpaper


While we’re all probably familiar with wallpaper, wall murals is a decor item that you might not be familiar with. In this guide, we go through the difference between wallpaper and wall murals!

custom made wallpaper

Custom Made wallpaper



Wall mural is digital prints from high-quality photography and customization wallpaper printing available and can use any high-quality image or revise an existing style to fit the needs of your space.

Mural wallpaper printing is less repetitive or larger repeats and depth created through 3-dimensional photography. Individually produced and printed like a piece of artwork



Wallpapers are typically surface prints or embossed papers with texture, pattern, and color and are a traditional type of wallcovering. A wall mural, on the other hand, is a new type of wallcovering developed with the advances in technology. Wall murals are digital prints created using high-quality photography and imagery that can be blown up, scaled down, and customized to the individualized requirements of a space.

Custom made wall mural

Wallpapers are more standardized and cannot be modified in their patterns, scale, or color but one pattern will come in multiple colorways to suit a variety of different design schemes. There are a really highly detailed and unique texture and depth with wall murals as a result of digital printing that is highly captivating and engaging, drawing in the viewer. Many residential patterns of wallpaper are stocked products as they are made in large quantities and can, therefore, have a faster turn over time.  Wall murals come in panels and are sold by a set multiple of panels to create the complete image. If want more info can refer to our supplier page