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Lovely Way to Transform Your Interior Spaces

Choosing Some Wonderful Tones that Have Refreshing Effect when They’re Introduced to Your Décor

After so long, a curtain Malaysia is still on the top list of important features at any interior spaces. The use of curtain has evolved far from its decorative nature to fit in different domestic purposes. Besides aesthetic value, curtain  Malaysia is up for practical solutions including protection, privacy, and security.

Let’s talk about the ability of curtain in Malaysia in adding accent to the interior décor. It is very important to keep up to trend and get the very latest looks for your space. We are here, constantly updating our ranges of curtain Malaysia to bring you the widest selection of classic or contemporary styles.

You might not expect that blue color is making its way to be popular than ever this year. We fancy a pale aquamarine and sophisticated opulence jade curtain in Malaysia for its arty appeal.

Always make a ‘splash’ with Curtain Malaysia

Colors have always been the lifeblood of human life, it’s what that makes people feeling excited, happy or relaxed. Choosing the right curtain in Malaysia is so much about its aspirational and practical value. The right curtain will create a restful and restorative space to add vibrancy from the design aspect.

curtain Malaysia

Whether It’s Plain or Pretty Patterns, We Back You Up

The curtain  Malaysia are alike with all aspects of interior design, it plays a special role in giving an aesthetic value to the window and the underlying composition of the entire space. Poor choices of curtains can make a huge difference to the ambiance and vibes of a space.

So where to start? Plain or adventurous patterns? We are here to help you picking the right curtains that exactly work with the rest of your interior elements! You are most welcomed to take a look at our portfolio at our official website for a few fresh inspirations.

Curtain Designs malaysia

Curtain Designs that Will Dramatically Improve Your View

Curtain designs Malaysia can offer designs as much as how the furniture and furnishings can do. Whether for your office, workspace, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, curtain designs Malaysia add instant coziness to the entire space. It is the season where you can show your window some love with stunning curtain designs Malaysia.

Applying a beautiful curtain design Malaysia is great to inject a healthy dose of pattern into the living room. Curtain provides the layered effect that couldn’t be found in blinds can create a cleaner look. Choosing the right prints will instantly harmonized the whole interior. If you want to visually enlarge the room, just add ceiling height curtain to enhance the visual effects.

Balance Strikes Between Functional and Purely Décor

The general tendency shows that the upcoming living room curtain designs Malaysia will be natural materials. Naturalness is in trend as in most of the curtains are made of natural materials including all kinds of cotton, silk, flax and so on. The contemporary design focuses on spaciousness and lightness.

Chiffon and veil are the commonly used materials in creating beautiful curtain designs Malaysia. It can block a certain of light yet adding a chic look to the overall space. Dark color curtains are classic. Colored curtains brighten up the entire space, charging the people with lots of positive vibes. Cold tinctures such as grey create a sense of warmth and comfort.

Curtain Designs malaysia

Curtain Designs Malaysia that is Able to Transform Your Spaces

Let’s co-create a good vibes space with curtain designs in Malaysia! The display photo of curtain designs can be referred at out official our website. You may probably like the introduced ideas and implementing them while selecting curtains for your desired space!

Zebra blinds malaysia

Give a Cool Look to Your Window with Zebra Sheer Shades

Zebra blinds Malaysia are double paneled that made up of block-out and transparent or translucent material. The stripy zebra blinds Malaysia are alternating between clear and opaque, creating a sleek and modern look which is suitable for all kinds of interior. Zebra blinds Malaysia offer more practical benefits besides its aesthetic values.

Zebra blinds Malaysia allows you to see outside through the transparent or translucent part. When it is being viewed from the outdoors, only blurry shapes but no details will be seen. The darker the fabrics being used, the better the light control. It does not matter what type of fabric you choose, you just have to bear in mind that minimization of dye lot variation is vital to ensure consistency of color.

Zebra Blinds Malaysia that acts as Sunshade and Artistic Décor at the Same Time

Zebra blinds in Penang Malaysia is a complete package of a window treatment with affordable price, attractive design, and great light filtering. For style, zebra blinds Malaysia are designed with dual color schemes incorporated smoothly for operation. For functionality, zebra blinds Malaysia offers exclusive light protection if it is compared to other window blinds.

Nevertheless, it is easy to install, sturdy, cost-effective and light in its weight. Zebra blinds can be customized based on user’s requirement in terms of size, height, width, designs, colors or even fabric type.

Zebra blinds malaysia

Rendering Perfect Contemporary Look with High Functionality

If you are a person who loves minimalism or love to live with the contemporary trend, you will never go wrong with zebra blinds. Being the most economical and effective solution, zebra blinds in Penang, Malaysia highly essential to be owned for the best of your space.

blinds malaysia

Window Blinds Malaysia that Makes Your Inspiration Goes Wild

Are you considering having blinds Malaysia for your space? Are you interested in getting blinds but you are so unsure about all the benefits that you get to enjoy with blinds Malaysia? We are here to clear your doubts and provide you the most professional consultation, advice, and installation of blinds Malaysia.

One of the biggest benefits of blinds Malaysia goes to convenience. It does not need to be washed once in a while but only a quick wipe with a damp cloth from time to time to remove the dust. Nevertheless, if your blinds are made of wood or metal, it can definitely last for a very long time.

Getting Know Different Type of Blinds Available

Window blinds Malaysia are getting more and more popular among the minimalist and become an integral part of window dressings. It can be applied effortlessly to all windows of all rooms including the bathroom and kitchen where the humidity level is always high. Before deciding on the blinds Malaysia that you desire, you need to understand the different type of blinds you get to find in the market.

Vertical blinds are made from vertical hanging slats that suit sliding doors or large windows. Roller blinds are highly versatile that can block all the light from penetrating or filtering in. Roman blinds move up and down and always being used in the bedroom. Venetian blinds are horizontal slats that can be rotated to nearly 180 degrees.

blinds malaysia

Never Get Bored with Countless Style, Colors and Patterns of blinds Malaysia

The variety of materials and styles that blinds in Malaysia allow you to choose are basically limitless. From plastic blinds, wood blinds, metal blinds or other materials, you can always find the best blinds that complement your interior design.

Blind Curtains

Curtain to Impress – Your Solution to Fancy Blind Curtains

Blinding your eyes?  Is sunlight damaging the furniture? Look no further! We have a solution for you! Drop by at Curtain Shop for a look to find your home suitable blind curtains or also window blinds or customize roller blind printing! As the weather is getting excruciatingly warmer and hotter each day, it is very important that we are shielded away from the harmful sunlight. It is proven that sunlight after 12 pm becomes harmful as the UV rays are strong. By installing blind curtains or window blinds onto the windows of your house, it may effectively shield not only our skin from the harmful UV radiation but also the furniture from being destroyed from excessive exposure to sunlight. Come over to Curtain Impress Shop and be amazed at the wide selections of blind curtains and window blinds you’ll ever see in your lifetime! Curtain Impress Shop specializes in designing and producing their home brand blind curtains and window blinds that suit the requirements of customers.

Sophisticated Yet Elegant Blind Curtains – Fit for the Royals

Blind Curtains

Blind Curtains

Curtain Blinds

Shield The Harm Away, Protection At It’s Best – Window Blinds

Window Blinds

customize roller blind printing

The curtain designs of the Curtain Impress Shop has been designed by the specialist and qualified curtain designers specially trained for designing curtain blinds and also window blinds. Therefore, leave it to these professionals when it comes to curtain designs as they are immensely capable of design curtain blinds and window blinds to fit for every purpose. The Board of Product Quality Inspection has guaranteed and approved the quality of the curtain blinds and window blinds by our curtain design. Customers could rest assure about the quality of the curtain blinds and window blinds of our professional curtain designs.

Exciting news! The Curtain Impress Shop has introduced it’s first ever customized roller blind printing and window blind offer! Now, customers could customize roller blind printing on their curtain blind and window blind! Yes, you’ve heard it right! Of course, you could drop by The Curtain Impress Shop and take a look at the myriads of designs readily available to you. But now, you could customize your curtains and make it a perfect fit for your room! This is good news for the perfectionists out there! Now you could customize roller blind printing and you’ll get your curtain blinds and window blinds tailored to perfection!

Customize Roller Blind Printing– Be Your Own King

customize roller blind printing

customize roller blind printing

curtain design

Drop by The Curtain Impress Shop and give your home and great makeover! You are sure to be amazed by the range of choices provided to you! The only hard thing you’ll face is to choose one design. Come over now at The Curtain Impress Shop! We are happy to serve you!

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