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Wedding Wallpaper Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why

In 2019, the church chimes are ringing just a little louder. The Royal Wedding is one of the most anticipated events on the world’s social calendar, and it has brought a wonderfully wedded trend to the interior design world. In celebration of this bridal trend, Murals Wallpaper has curated a collection of beautiful wedding inspired backdrops, that you will be able to keep your happily ever after.

The new collection of custom designed murals will give you an array of choices for your wedding party, providing backdrops for a variety of themes and color schemes. Whichever design you go for, you can have a fun, playful and completely customized backdrop for your wedding. Acting as a feature piece in your venue decor plans, the mural will create a connection between the two families, uniting them in a fun and creative way and opening up an opportunity for the picture-perfect backdrop, that will create everlasting memories.

Choosing a mural as a feature in your wedding decor is not just an investment for your wedding party, but also an investment in your future together, and a reminder of the love you share. A wedding, in most cases, lasts for one day, but these murals can be applied to boards that can be taken home and transformed into pieces of artwork. These can be hung in your new family home for years to come, injecting the perfect balance between nostalgia and a modern, stylish design.

The murals are also perfect to use as feature wallpaper in your home, customised specifically to remind you of your special day. If you have children, an adorable idea is to install it in your little one’s nursery. You could even personalise the design with the date they were born, to represent the start of a new, life-changing adventure.

Our KS Home Decor will  provide many mural wallpaper to customer like beach mural wallpaper, world map wallpaper and so on.

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This Is What Oriental Wallpaper Looks Like

Mural wallpaper decoration can make the interior become much more interesting visually since it is photo wallpaper’s main job. Nevertheless, when we choose something connected with Eastern Culture it can introduce harmony and stability.

In such a situation we can use Yin and Yang sing that is known worldwide. Despite being the most famous sign of agreement, it is not the only thing that should be associated with the oriental style. Using this type of signs on a photo wallpaper in our own house will help us achieve suitable climate and keep balance. That’s why we are able to find many different symbols and views associated with this place among photo connected with the oriental style.

To introduce oriental atmosphere we should choose a mural decoration that presents a building or temple characteristic for the East. As we all know, temples built in this place have an appearance which is very characteristic of it. It concerns their shapes, decoration and color scheme as well.

This is why our company do more customize Oriental wallpaper printing or wall sticker printing in Malaysia. Below is some sample of Oriental wall murals. If interest can go my website to view more Oriental Wallpaper.

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Customize City Wallpaper Sticker Will Impact Home And Office

Feel the rhythm of the fascinating cities in the world through our selection of Cityscapes Wallpaper Murals. Do you dream of having trendy and modern wallpaper featuring the most famous buildings of New York, the city that never sleeps? Or perhaps you prefer a breathtaking view of the rooftops of Paris, marveling the splendors of the most beautiful city in the world? You can also find customize wallpaper or wall sticker of Tokyo, Chicago, London, Sydney, Montreal and many, many more! With KS Home Decor custom made photo murals and photo wallpaper, capitals and major cities are now at your fingertips!Featuring powerful and sophisticated images, this collection can be displayed anywhere in your home, as it will easily bring dimension to your walls and depth to any room in the house. By choosing our Cityscapes Wallpaper you can immerse yourself in an oversized setting, giving the illusion of a much larger space. To add an even more dramatic impact, consider cityscapes at night!
We print all our Cityscapes wallpaper murals on our original and innovative wall sticker or Korean paper. If you are looking for an easy solution to transform the look of your walls and the decor of your room, you are at the right place! Our customized wall murals, wallpaper murals, wall sticker and photo murals are extremely easy to install and can as easily be removed if needed. As well, our custom section offers you a fun way to personalize your wall murals just the way you want it.

Add Energy with City Wallpaper Murals

There’s nothing like the energy of a big city. The bright lights, the broad access to stores and museums, the mix of different cultures – it all makes for a unique blend that keeps each day more exciting than the last. Whether you live in a big city or not, you can capture this distinctive vibe each day in your home by installing we customize mural wallpaper or wall sticker with your favorite cityscape.

Skyline Wall Murals

The tall buildings, the neon lights, the beautiful bridges – a city skyline is truly breathtaking, especially those panoramic views! At Murals Your Way, we offer you many options for incorporating the style of your favorite cityscape into your home. Perfect for the bedroom, living room or your bonus room, a city mural wallpaper provides an eye-catching visual that you and your guests are sure to love.

Famous City Murals

A customize wallpaper mural or wall sticker printing featuring a famous city gives a modern, lively feeling to your favorite rooms. With such highly recognized buildings and skylines, you’ll know exactly what city it is just by looking at the panoramic mural. If want view more images for City Wallpaper just click it.

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Galaxy Space Home Wallpaper/ Wallsticker

Why stay on earth with your child when you can be in space? Our space mural and spaceship wall murals work well with any kid’s wallpaper. The love of galaxies, astronauts, and aircraft have never been this popular. Re- live your childhood memories with Jupiter, Pluto and shooting stars that remind you of all the fun times you had when you were a child. wallpaper. Bring your home the astonishing beauty of outer space by choosing our wonderful collection of Galaxies. Our wall murals are perfect for any acquisitive cosmologist and transform your room into another world. Wallpaper mysterious selections are great instructional and educational additions to modern kids’ bedroom and schools, which brings a learning of life. We can do wallpaper printing on material Korean Paper, wall decor sticker, canvas picture print, roller blind. We are covered whole Malaysia wallpaper printing, wall sticker printing, canvas printing and roller blind printing.



Best World Map Home Wallpaper- Map Murals

The world map has become a favorite interior decor in homes, office or classroom nowadays, as well as to have it as a wall mural and wallpaper. The world map could, with luck, be a little old and worn – like the map just arrived back home after an adventurous journey around the globe or a world map that is all covered in colorful watercolors. Give your room a more sophisticated look with a world map and in combination with a white furnishing, it will pop out and illuminate beautifully as a wall mural. Do you want to have the whole world in your home?

I’m always drawn to interiors that feature maps. It’s partly that I love the way maps look and partly that I find traveling to be both incredibly thrilling and terrifying (the good, push-me-out-of-my-comfort-zone kind of terrifying). Seeing a gorgeous room with the great map on the wall gives me goosebumps.

Quality Classic World Map Mural, custom made to suit your wall size by the Malaysia No.1 for wall murals. Custom design service and express delivery available.

Black and White Detailed Map Mural, custom made to suit your wall size

Each map mural is printed individually on ultra-high-quality, large format printers using premium pigment inks. Print quality is superb with all map details displayed in stunning high resolution. Our map wall murals are available printed on an easy to install the material. This collection of map wallpaper murals is perfect for your next interior design project.



Advantages of Canvas Printed Photos Over Traditional Photos

Traditionally, photos are displayed on glossy paper and hung in frames while the canvas was mainly used for artistic paintings. Whether a photo displays a scenery or a family portrait, photos are art. They should be displayed in a way the preserves the beauty that attracted you to the scene in the first place, for years to come. Canvas photo prints have a number of advantages over traditional photos:

  • Professional appearance: Not only do canvases give the feel of the painted effect of art, the professionals in a canvas shop will be able to make sure the photo looks amazing by touching up the image’s flaws and applying stylistic touches. And since there’s no glossy finish, viewers can focus only on the detail of the photo without distraction.
  • Durability: The materials used in canvas prints are sturdier than paper. It won’t be damaged as easily or completely and hopelessly ruined if.
  • Larger images: Canvases come in a range of sizes from 8×10 to 48×48 and bigger, making it easier to display a large photo on any given wall. You could even split the photo into three panels and hang them side by side to create an even bigger scene. 

Canvas Photo Print Ideas For The Home, Nursery, Kid’s Bedroom

The home is the most common place photo canvas prints or canvas art are used as decor. The ability to print any high-resolution picture you might have means that regardless of whether you are decorating a main living or dining room, a kids bedroom, your own bedroom, or even your entryway or kitchen; A custom canvas print will look great for your home. Check out some of the awesome canvas print ideas for different rooms as shown below.

Besides that, our company also can print personalized canvas prints for a customer. And our price is cheapest so we can do cheap canvas wall art prints in Malaysia. We also can print canvas wedding poster and canvas portraits to the customer. A customer also can choice frameless or framed canvas print. You can refer canvas prints product page.

Canvas Art Prints Is A Most Popular Wall Decoration

Canvas art print is a most popular wall decoration, you also save time, because we will send an ordered canvas print within 48 hours. When you receive an ordered canvas print you can immediately hang it on your wall – the edges of the stretcher bars are finished off and covered with canvas so you won’t need any additional framing. You will receive your painting printed on the best canvas. We are using large format printers produced by a reputable company – KS Home Decor with print resolution: up to 360 dpi.

Our company not just do home decor stickers, home wallpaper printing and also wall sticker printing. We also have to do canvas picture prints,  canvas art prints in Malaysia. We are the cheapest price in Malaysia to customize wallpaper online.