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Photo Canvas Malaysia, your memories preserved

Relive your precious moments with photo canvas Malaysia

In this modern age, where almost everyone has a smartphone, what would you do if you see something interesting, memorable or epic? You will definitely snap a photo of it and some photographs are so good that they are shot at the perfect moment. What better ways to share it with your friends and family than printing it out on a big o’ photo canvas Malaysia and hang it on your living space? If you are looking for a creative way to keep your precious memories with you, photo canvas Malaysia has got you covered!

At photo canvas Malaysia, we provide you with the easiest way to design and craft your custom-made photo canvas online using the design tools provided. It is intuitive and the results are stunning. In our website, there are also collage templates which you can easily compile several of your most liked photographs and arrange them beautifully in one canvas, creating your own style. You can decide the theme yourself, some of them include wedding, family, family trip or even those little things that you find interesting in your daily life. With these beautifully crafted photo canvas Malaysia, you can hang it anywhere be it in the living room, bedroom or even your own office. These photo canvas Malaysia has distinctive textured finishes that will definitely spice up your living space, creating a vastly different ambiance depending on how you like it.

photo canvas malaysia

Long-lasting with superior quality photo canvas Malaysia

Many photo canvas Malaysia in the market ages very quickly where its colors will fade and the canvas starts to break after one or two years of usage. That is not the case with our photo canvas Malaysia as we use high-density foam boards, giving it a more rugged feel but at the same time, it is still very light in weight. Moreover, each of our photo canvas Malaysia is sprayed with a moisture-resistant coating, making it less susceptible to be damaged by the moisture. Plus, we use UV printing technology which makes it more resistant to fading caused by sunlight and scratches while maintaining a color accurate profile on the photo itself. Other than that, we also use sophisticated laser cutting technology where the cutting is so accurate that there is no need for stapling or glue to construct the whole canvas. Our canvas is also paper thin where it blends perfectly with your wall, making it easy to install. Hence, hanging up a photo canvas Malaysia of this quality on the wall will definitely make it the center of attention in your living space. Read more articles.

canvas prints Malaysia

What are canvas prints Malaysia?

Getting to know about canvas prints Malaysia

Have you ever been to someone’s house and realized that their living room is so warm, cozy and lively that you can stay there all day? Part of the reasons is because they put up pictures of their family on the wall, but something is different with their pictures. It was printed on a piece of cloth instead of traditional paper-based photographs. This is what we call canvas prints Malaysia and they really give your home decorations a very unique vibe.

Put it simply, canvas prints Malaysia are images or photographs that are printed on a piece of canvas instead of paper. The canvas was wrapped around stretcher bars and secure to a frame after it was printed. The canvas itself is made up of strong and durable fabric with hemp. Modern canvas replaces hemp with cotton, linen or polyester. The beauty of canvas printing is that these types of printing give your living space a gallery look. On canvas prints Malaysia, the color seeps into the fabric but remains on the surface of the synthetic polyester stand, giving it a more vivid and long-lasting look.

canvas prints Malaysia

Perks of canvas prints Malaysia

Firstly, canvas prints Malaysia are more durable compared to paper prints as it is made of stretchable fabric that can withstand wear and tear better than paper. Plus, it is more enduring than paper because of the durable plain weaving. Moreover, paper prints usually have a sleek and shiny surface, causing it to have an unwanted glare or reflection especially when sunlight is shone on it. This can sometimes distort the visual quality of the prints. Canvas prints Malaysia on the other hand, has a unique textured finish, giving out a “painted” effect that is non-reflective. This is ideal for artists to reproduce artwork. Besides, framing a paper print can be expensive especially while working on large print sizes, canvas provides another more affordable option.

Flexible and ease of use

Unlike paper prints which tend to become very heavy especially on extra-large prints where the paper must be made thicker to be more durable, canvas prints Malaysia is more weight due to the lightweight cloth fibers. You can have a large piece of canvas but its weight is so light that you can literally take it anywhere with ease. Other than that, canvas prints Malaysia proves to be a more versatile approach when decorating a wall. You can mix-match them without much thought since the frame less borders can adapt to any style. The vibrant and punchy colors of canvas prints Malaysia create new styles and focal points, livening up your living space. Read more articles, click here.

canvas printing Malaysia

Eternal Memories With Canvas Printing Malaysia

Why canvas printing popular?

Want to make sure that your treasured memories are preserved for a long period of time? Photographs that are printed on a physical piece of canvas is a good way to go. We all have those memorable and interesting moments in our life which was captured with our camera. Printing it out and hanging it on the wall is the best way to appreciate and admire it. Here at canvas printing Malaysia, we provide the best quality canvas printing at affordable pricing.

In the printing industries, there are various types of surfaces that images or photographs can be printed on. Some of them include mounted printings, acrylic printing, and canvas printings. Mounted printings refer to the conventional paper printings attached to a backing board. The main purpose of this type of printing is to preserve the photo and display it on the wall together with a frame. Acrylic printings capture an image or photograph on a piece of photographic paper, which is then sandwiched between sheets of acrylic or plexiglass. This aims to preserve and protect the inside from external damages. Among these three, canvas printing Malaysia’s superior quality canvas stands out to be the most unique one as it brings out an artistic feel with the textured finishes.

canvas printing Malaysia

Get versatile with canvas printing Malaysia

Get your photographs personalized with our professional customization service. Using the design tools on our website, customers get to edit the layout, design, and vibes of their photographs following the available templates, creating the one-and-only canvas printing. Here at canvas printing Malaysia, we provide top-notch quality canvas piece made up of a mixture of cotton and linen. The use of these materials results in an extremely durable yet lightweight printing material. On top of that, each canvas produced by canvas printing Malaysia is 100% handmade where the canvas itself is stretched to wrap around the frame bar, all these were done by meticulously trained hands. All of these qualities aim to decorate the most memorable moments of your life.

Enchanting memories

Canvas printing Malaysia believes that memories are one of the most treasurable things a person can ever hold dear to heart especially with their loved ones and through canvas printings, these precious memories can be captured forever. View more images. Click here

printing services Malaysia
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One-stop printing with printing services Malaysia

Profound service and consultations with printing services Malaysia

Do you have printing requirements but don’t know which printing services shop to choose? Printing services Malaysia is the perfect option for you. Being in the printing industry for more than 10 years, our emphasis lies on professional consultation, with customer satisfaction being the highest priority. Whether you are a businessman looking for a way to market your business or a student who needs to get your assignment or thesis printed and bond, you can’t go wrong on choosing printing services Malaysia. We offer a myriad of printing services include brochures, catalogs, training materials, scripts, flyers, invitation cards, posters, business cards and many more. We also provide printing and binding services for bachelor, master and Ph.D. thesis.

Printing services Malaysia provides excellent customer service where we recommend the most suitable solutions for your requirements. Whether it is the printing method, printing materials like paper, acrylic and canvas, or the size and measurements of your prints, we will be there to guide you through each and every step. With our rich experience in this industry, we aim to provide you a personalized and one-of-a-kind printing which creates a great impact on your target audience. Best of all, printing services Malaysia provides direct delivery service to certain locations in the area near to our branches. Hence, there is no need for you to spend the time to come to our branch to collect the printings as it will be sent directly to your doorstep.

Get versatile with printing service Malaysia

With more than 20 printers that come in various sizes and types in our branches, printing services Malaysia provide fast and efficient production of printings and is able to handle bulk printing needs, perfect for those who need their flyers, wedding invitations and brochures printed in a short period of time. Besides that, for those who have specific requirements of their printings like large or small poster printings on either paper or canvas, we have different printers for that. For canvas printings, our printers are capable of producing sizes from 5” x 5” all the way to 72” x 36”.  View more mural wallpaper. Click here

printing services Malaysia

Canvas Printing Malaysia Murah

Great savings with Canvas Printing Malaysia Murah

Canvas Printing Malaysia Murah – Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it is good

Who would not want cheap prices? While there are so many printing services in the market, most of them do not come cheap. This is especially true for those printing services with big names. While their printing quality may be superior, the price tag mostly does not justify it. Canvas printing Malaysia murah is here to change it. We strive to strike a balance between affordability and quality.

Many canvas prints service charge their customers with a hefty premium on top of their cost while using materials of mediocre quality in order to ensure profitability. Usually, this causes the final price to become exorbitant. However, that is not the case here with canvas printing Malaysia murah. We meticulously select canvas of premium quality where we test it in terms of durability, stretchability and surface texture. All these aspects add up to the overall quality of the canvas itself. Besides the canvas, the frame where the canvas is stretched and attached to is also given emphasis here at canvas printing Malaysia murah. We select frames made up premium wood up to medium-sized canvas. For large canvas, we reinforce it with metal frames to add a degree of sturdiness while maintaining a light-weight polished edge. It is easy to install while keeping the cost low. Our margin is only slightly above the cost of our materials.

Attention to details

We canvas printing Malaysia murah is no slouch in creating the perfect canvas while keeping the cost affordable. Unlike most canvas suppliers which outsource the canvas from another party, our canvas was fabricated in-house. Firstly, this cuts down the cost significantly. Secondly, it provides better quality control as we put our canvas assembling team through stringent training in order to assemble canvas of perfect craftsmanship. Another strength that canvas printing Malaysia murah puts on the table is that different coatings are applied to each of the canvas prior to and after the printing process. Before the canvas is printed, its surface must be treated with an ink-receptive coating. After the printing process, another layer of coating is applied to the canvas. Among our unique coatings include matte coating, satin coating, and glossy coating. Each coating gives the end product a vastly different look. Most importantly, all these processes are done in our manufacturing plant. View more images.

Canvas Printing Malaysia

canvas supplier Malaysia

Get artistic with canvas supplier Malaysia

Canvas Supplier Malaysia – Capturing treasured moments

With so many printing options out there in the market, how do you know which one suits you best? Fret not, canvas supplier Malaysia is the best option for you, providing a one-stop service from creating your own memorable moments to crafting it on a printing beautifully to sending it to your doorstep. Canvas supplier Malaysia is there to guide you through each little step as it is essential to make sure that your treasured memories are gorgeously created, stunningly displayed on a premium canvas and safely delivered to you.

The first service provided by canvas supplier Malaysia is to provide professional photo shooting session for the customers. Our photo shoot team has years of experience which are capable of producing top-notch quality photographs of yours. We even have our own photoshoot studio which you can visit during the photo shoot. Besides that, we also do outdoor photo shoot which gives a lively and vibrant vide to your photos. They will guide you on the posing and capture it from a unique perspective and angle, producing the best look of each of the person in the photo. This is what we canvas supplier Malaysia promise.

Premium quality canvas prints

canvas supplier Malaysia

The perfectly captured photograph is useless if there is no good way to present it. You can print it out on a piece of canvas and hang it on the wall of your living space so that these precious moments are relived every time you look at the picture. At canvas supplier Malaysia, we provide not just any canvas, but the canvas of superior quality made up of premium cotton and polyester. Cotton adds to the improved durability and stretch ability of the canvas whereas polyester ensures that the fine details of the painting are clearly visible. The combination of these 2 materials gives your paint a distinctive gallery style which is something impossible to be achieved with normal paper prints. Also, this combination retains an accurate color profile of your photograph, making it more true-to-life.

 Timely Delivery with canvas supplier Malaysia

After going through the 2 steps above, you must be can’t wait to get your hands on the canvas itself. Here at canvas supplier Malaysia, we put our customers’ needs first by ensuring the short lead time of delivering the canvas of only 1 week and most important of all, we absorb the shipping fee with minimum purchasing of only one canvas. So let’s work together to create the perfect canvas prints and have them externalized forever with canvas supplier Malaysia! View more canvas design.

Poster Printing Malaysia

Marketing with Poster Printing Malaysia

Poster printing Malaysia – Top notch quality poster material

Poster printing Malaysia provide a vast variety of poster materials that are suitable to be used at indoors or outdoors. In order to cut cost on the poster printing, many customers will put up cheap posters at outdoors which its shape is distorted easily, prone to tear or breaking only after weeks of usage. Poster printing Malaysia provide high-quality poster materials like Coroplast (corrugated plastic), vinyl and Sintra board (rigid PVC). These materials are more durable as they are more resistant to water, wear & tear and crease.

Say you started a business recently and need a cost-saving but effective way to promote your product or service, which method would you use? Here in poster printing Malaysia, customers are provided with the most essential tool to promote their business in an attractive, compelling and intriguing way.Poster Printing Malaysia

Long-lasting vibrant colored printings by poster printing Malaysia

Have you ever noticed that some colors on the poster fade only in weeks after they have been set up? They look dull and hideous, right? This is because most cheap posters do not have UV protection and the UV rays from the sun are notorious for causing fades or discoloration. Poster printing Malaysia uses printing inks during the printing process, capable of producing vibrant, punchy colors that will turn heads when the poster is being set up. In addition, UV safe inks are also used during the printing of the posters, ensuring colors of great endurance against the harsh sunlight.

Impressive versatility

The posters supplied by poster printing Malaysia comes in various sizes, ranging from small sizes (12″ x 18″) to big banner ones (100″ x 58″), catering for various applications such as occasion cards, stationary, photo prints, photo magnets, packaging for your party or small business and home decoration. You can choose from this myriad of sizes based on your need. It also comes with varies accessories like grommets which you can hang it and banner stand where you can set it up at conventions or fair. Whether you are planning for a friend’s birthday party, business needs, decorating your home or preparing for your kid’s back to school attestations, Poster printer Malaysia got you covered! View more images. Click here.


Canvas Poster, Photo Canvas & Canvas frames – Blend of Harmony and Simplicity.

Stay Trendy with Canvas Poster

Keeping up with the trends in home decor can be tough. So, why don’t we choose timeless home decor style over fleeting fads? We’ve got an idea of decor trends that will keep your style fresh for years to come – simply with canvas frame, canvas posters, and photo canvas. Trendy colors change year to year and season to season, but a room always needs a bit of color to really pop. Rather than investing in an orange couch or coffee table in the living room, choose accessories such as canvas poster. Creating canvas poster is a better option as our company provides customized posters in vibrant colors. What’s most important is our affordable price and these are easy to swap out every season or the next year.


Photo Canvas-Fill Your Room With Love

Instead of keeping all the photos on our phones, why don’t we just let photo canvas tell our stories? The personalized print of your wedding photos and even travel pictures will surely fill your rooms with those unforgettable moments to cherish with your loved ones. Our ink is highly durable, environmentally friendly and UV-resistant. We help you keep the originality, a non-fading color and most importantly, we help you keep the moment in the most beautiful artistic production.

Presentable Canvas Frame

As we print the picture completely to the sides of the frame, our canvases can be directly hanged onto the wall. However, you can give an exclusive touch to your canvas with our canvas frames designed especially for you! You can simply turn that canvas poster into a beautiful piece of artwork that looks like an expensive piece that came from the art gallery. From classical to modern, our company provides frames made up of beautiful wood painted with great care and available in various colors and designs. With those canvas frame, we will definitely make your photo an eye-catchy one!  You can always select the canvas frame that suits your photo the most and at the same time fits your overall interior design.

Home Page

Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia

Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia – Eye Pleasing Treasure of Your Home

Ever looked at houses owned by huge celebrities? Ever wondered why it looks so magnificently gorgeous and grand? No matter how much you’d try to mimic their interior designing, you still couldn’t get your house to look grand like theirs? This is because you’ve never taken a notice on the small details and decorations in their house. The answer may lay on what they have on the walls of their houses. Hit the jackpot? Yes, now that we’ve given you a big hint. You might start to notice that those who are very good at decorating their house would never go off without canvas pictures or two hanging around the walls in their houses. Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia is a prestigious company with years of experience in the field of canvas Picture Printing. They’re famous for producing canvas pictures which are not only good in quality but also extraordinarily gorgeous. Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia specializes in designing and also printing eye pleasing canvas pictures to suit every household and interior designs.

Eye-Catching Canvas Pictures Produced By Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia


Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia provides canvas picture like no other. From sceneries to cartoons, Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia has it all for you! The canvas pictures produced by Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia are very high quality. To show concern for the environment, Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia uses high-quality canvas materials sourced from environmental friendly canvas making companies. Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia also uses the latest technology in the process of printing the canvas pictures. Each and every canvas picture produced by Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia has top notch quality and lasts for a very long time. The colors of these canvas pictures will not fade in time thanks to the newest long-lasting ink utilized by Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia.

More exciting news! Not only are there ready made and well-designed canvas pictures readily available for the customers, Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia has also decided that they’ll take in and imply custom made canvas picture printing service. That’s right! Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia has opened up to the public for them to have their picture custom-printed onto a canvas. What’s more? Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia has also come up with collage canvas picture services. Now everyone could not only make one canvas picture, they could compile a bunch of their favorite photos into a college to make one big canvas picture. And most excitingly, it is for the price of one! So many pictures for the price of one? It’s indeed a deal to grab!

Collage Canvas Picture – Memories Remembered

Mesmerised? What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia Store to get yours too! Canvas Picture Printing Malaysia, your solution to a fancy home living!





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