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Murals are most commonly thought to be an image painted on a wall surface. But rather than hiring an artist to paint a mural, which can be timely and very expensive, we’re able to digitally print images onto a wall covering material and you simply adhere it to the wall.

We have thousands of licensed images to choose from OR you can send us your own image or artwork and we can create the mural that fits your room. These aren’t like the murals from the 70’s (although we have some of those too.) Wall murals are becoming a popular trend in décor and can be seen on today’s top home design shows.

Home Decor Blog

8 Living Rooms with Interesting Mural Wallpapers

Living Room Wallpaper This contemporary designed living room that looks not just fashionable but also interesting. Even when you are living in place that is not so-urbanized, having this wallpaper design will let you imagine that you are…

3D Custom Made Wallpaper

Wall Murals are Eye Catching. The size alone of a wall graphic trumps the ordinary graphic, and make your images really pop. They demand attention from your customers-old and new.  Wall Murals Can Boost Revenues. Studies have repeatedly…

Wallpaper vs Painting

Durable - Wallpaper holds up very well to wear and tear, making it ideal for high traffic areas or homes with young children. It often lasts up to 15 years. Most modern varieties are washable, too. Less prep work - With wallpaper,…

Top Malaysia Online Wallpaper Shop

We deal in Korean style wallpaper, wall sticker Malaysia, wall art decals wall murals. Easily buy or shop online for bathroom wallpapers, boys / girls bedroom wallpapers or removable wall stickers for living rooms. KS Home Decor services covers KL, Selangor and Penang. Services provided include installation of wallpaper, interior design consultation. Our wallpaper shop in Penang is located at 41-2, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Specialist Custom Made Wall Sticker Printing

We can custom made or design wall sticker and wallpaper for living room wallpaper, bedroom wallpaper, office, restaurant. Beside that, we also can print photo mural as a wallpaper and wall art decals like canvas print. We also selling luxury wallpaper, wallpaper design for bedroom , 3d removable vinyl wall sticker,  curtain, roller blind.